Thursday, December 18, 2008

One of my favorites...

This is a rather poor photo of one of my favorite pieces.
I think it is a little amateurish, but that comes from not making any plans, just building from an idea in my head, and inspiration from a trip to the Shaker Village in Kentucky.
I came back from that trip with many “ideas”, but mostly a reverence for the Shaker style and craftsmanship. And also a deep respect and awe of one craftsman in particular. Christian Becksvoort. In my estimation he is one of the finest woodworkers I have ever seen or read about. I have learned many things from his book “The Shaker Legacy”, including a love of cherry.
I have made other things in the Shaker style also, and wll continue to do so.
The next project however, is a workbench, I have seen many blogs about workbench building lately, mostly relating to the Roubo bench from “Woodworking” magazine built by Chris Schwartz. My bench will be in that style, but with some different “Silverback” modifications. Mostly out of my head, with no particular plans on paper. You see I strongly believe visualization is the best tool any woodworker can have. It’s the ability to bring that visualization to reality that I most admire in any woodworker.
I hope to have the time and patience to acquire that ability…someday.
Meanwhile I’ll try and keep up posts about the bench and it’s progress.